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Brunel Flowers are a wholesale florist specialising in fresh cut flowers from around the world delivered daily and we also have a wide range of pot plants available.

Our flowers are sourced from such places as Equador, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Holland (of course), Guernsey, Kenya, and we also a lot of home grown product is on offer.

Both indoor and outdoor plants are plentiful.

In addition we have a range of florist sundries.

A selection of oasis blocks and cylinders for fresh flower and dried arrangement work, are readily available. There is also a vast selection of funeral frames, from the simple wreath ring and single letters, to the more standard shapes e.g Teddies, Motorcycles, Harps etc,.. For the more unusual requests for funeral work, there are several sizes of Pattern Board, from which you may cut your own shapes from.

For the best presentation of your bouquets, why not choose from our great selection of plain and patterned cellophane rolls and multi - coloured ribbons.
For wrapping requisites, counter rolls and flat pack paper are available in many different patterns. Or for something different, you may wish to try the many shades of tissue in stock.

We have dishes to create your arrangements in, from ceramic to plastic and even glass ones for those of you that like keeping up with the modern idiom.

To assist you in the various aspects of the Floristry Trade, many small sundries, i.e spray paints, scissors, knives, pins , sellotape etc., are readily available from our shelves.

We have in stock a considerable amount of pottery from the very small to the very large. A large proportion of our stock comes from other countries, although we do keep some English lines, as well.

Spanish pottery, is one of the most popular at the moment and I expect many of you will have seen these pots actually being made, whilst on your holidays to that country.. China, Turkey, Mexico, Morocco, to name but a few; also send in their various glazed and unglazed china and pottery, mostly Planters, but there are some unusual lines as well.

We hold a good selection of various plastic arrangement bowls, for use with fresh and dried flowers. O bowls, oasis trays etc., for the day to day work of the Floristry trade, are always readily available. With all pots, they are protected against frost.

Wholesale Florist, Florist Sundries, Pottery and Ceramics

Areas Covered

South West England

Contact Details

Address: Wholesale Fruit Centre, Albert Crescent

Town/City: Bristol

County/Region: Avon, England

Postcode: BS2 0YQ

Telephone: 0117 972 0140

Fax: 0117 977 5175

Website Address:

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