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For Florists the traditional method of displaying and selling cut flowers in the UK is not particularly efficient, especially in the summer months or in warmer retail outlets. The flowers wilt rapidly resulting in a large percentage of the blooms being thrown out. Now there is an attractive alternative - Flora Cool temperature controlled storage and display.

Flora Cool rooms offer you a unique and attractive display that cools cut flowers and presents them clearly and elegantly in optimal conditions to your customer.
A really fresh product, presented in this manner encourages your customers. They buy more and repeat business is more likely.

Flora Cool rooms for

Increased sales
Vastly reduced wastage
Increased vase life of flowers
Optimum storage and display
conditions creating customer awareness of a quality product
Allows bulk buying, giving you better prices and more profit
Flora Cool room lighting creates the 'WOW' factor
Reduce staff costs on the day by storing wedding & funeral work in advance

Refrigeration / Coldrooms / Chilled Showrooms

Areas Covered

UK Wide

Contact Details

Contact Name: Coldroom Construction Services Limited

Address: 5 Bonnington Avenue, Crosby

Town/City: Liverpool

County/Region: Merseyside, England

Postcode: L23 7YJ

Telephone: 0151 932 1700

Fax: 0151 932 1800

Website Address:

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