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Floralife products provide cut flowers with a long and colourful bloom in crystal clear water. Resulting savings of costs and time due to the reduced water consumption and flower waste exhilerate growers, ex- and importers, wholesalers, florists as well as end consumers.

Since 1938 Floralife has provided a complete line of post harvest care products for the floral industry. Being the first supplier of clear cut flower food, Floralife distributes its permanently developed products for more than 60 years - until recently, however, only in North and South America. To meet the increasing European enquiries, Floralife decided to open the subsidiary Floralife Europe GmbH. With its offices and production premises in the West of Germany, Floralife can be found in the heart of Europe. Thanks to a short distribution chan-nel, Floralife offers high-quality products to fair prices.

Hydraflor 100 Clear
- Hydrating solution

Hydraflor 200 Clear
- Storage solution

Hydraflor 300 Clear
- Vase solution

Floralife Cleaner
- Detergent

Floralife Leafshine **New**
- for glossy leaves

Floralife Accessories
- Dosing systems and Bung Wrenches

Floralife PRG **New**
- Pretreatment for Roses and Gerbera

Floralife PAL **New**
- Pretreatment for Alstroemeria and Lilies

The acquisition of Floralifein 2007 by Smithers-Oasis, meant the merging of research and development teams, enabling Smithers-Oasis and Floralife to share their expertise in both foam chemistry and flower care and handling. The benefits for florists are already breaking through with the new superior OASIS Floral Foam, which is improved by Floralife Technology producing gains such as more vibrant, robust greenery and aiding arrangements in staying fresher for a longer period of time.

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